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Change Has Come, 2012


Change Has Come (Moondog) is a portrait of the blind musician and composer Moondog. He appears like an exotic ghost, meditating in the mystic light of a desolate street. His outfit is the handmade viking custume that became his trademark, a spear and an army blanket wrapped around his shoulders. As a musician his inspiration was nourished by the everyday sounds of the city and he choose to live and work on the streets of New York to remain close to his source and develop his music.

Standing guard for a deeper form of inspiration, the subject represents a man hypnotized by his own art. The title of the painting refers to the unknown paths one must take take to reach out and unveil new layers of artistic creativity that have previously been hidden in the dark.


Change Has Come (Moondog), 2012 - 190 x 145 cm, oil on canvas

Change Has Come (Moondog), 2012 – 190 x 145 cm, oil on canvas

Detail: Change Has Come

detail from ‘Change Has Come (Moondog)’